Seriously Important Facts About Adult Dating Websites

Adult dating websites are websites which allow adults (persons over 18 years) to search and contact or communicate with each other over the internet with the intention of developing romantic, personal or sexual relationships.

According to statistics, approximately 13% of the U.S. population (40 million Americans) have tried adult dating. Annual revenue from online dating sites is estimated to have reached $1.05 billion in 2012.

This simply shows that adult dating websites are very popular. Any person can join an adult dating site provided they meet the basic requirements set by specific adult dating websites i.e. age requirements.

People join adult dating sites for different reasons i.e. to find love, develop sexual or personal relationships e.t.c. Regardless of your reason for joining any adult dating site, there are some tips that have to be followed for you to be successful in finding a date. Below are a few tips that must be considered to get the best out of adult dating websites.

1. Make a good profile

This is by far the most important tip to consider when you want to be successful in any adult dating website. The best adult dating profiles are usually descriptive and honest.

Your personal profile is important in creating a lasting first impression therefore you must take time to make it as descriptive and honest as possible. This is the only way to catch attention and get responses. Being descriptive is important because it helps to complete your profile.

You must include personal descriptions such as age, hair color height, build, preferences etc if you want catch the attention of serious people. A good profile shouldn’t contain information that comes on too strong i.e. giving out too much details on sexual preferences/tastes. Instead, focus arousing curiosity.

2. Stay safe

This is another important tip to consider when using adult dating sites. It is important to note that most adult dating websites take very strict measures to ensure that their members are safe. It is however important to take your own safety measures when dealing with strangers.

You must be cautious dealing with strangers especially when you decide to meet in person. For instance, avoid sharing personal information and meeting with strangers in secluded places.

Instead you should choose open public places and make sure that you inform someone about your meeting to be on the safe side in case anything goes wrong.

IMPORTANT: Be wary of fake profiles, here are some tips from the Profile Police:

3. Have fun

After making an interesting profile and establishing your ground rules for safety, concentrate on having fun. Your experience should be exciting, entertaining, alluring and informative. You shouldn’t discourage yourself if you don’t find a suitable date. Keep looking and socializing with suitable candidates until you get a suitable date.

When you finally meet your date, there are some things you must consider to increase your chances of success and fun. For instance, statistics show that personality maters most on the first date (30%). Looks and smiles come in second at (23%).

Other things which matter include; career and education. Your focus should therefore be on what matters to increase your success rate.

Quick Note: If you’re interested in trying your luck on one of these sites, then I would recommend you check out this post which shows you some of the most popular adult dating sites on the market.

Types of hookup sites

1. General dating sites

These are hookup sites which generally help people find relationships. General dating sites usually don’t allow explicit content. They make up most of the dating sites in the internet.

2. Adult dating sites

These are hookup sites for individuals aged 18 years and above. Most adult dating site members join to find sexual partners or simply to have fun. A good example is Adult Friend Finder.

3. Niche dating sites

This are special hookup sites that are based on things such as; religion, race, body type, occupation e.t.c. For instance, if you are looking for a date from a certain race, consider joining specific niche dating sites on race to get exactly what you want.

4. Marriage dating sites

These are hookup sites with serious members looking for serious dates that can lead to marriage.

So that’s it dude, you’re guide to casual dating websites and how they work.

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Are You Considering Attending A PUA Seminar?

The PUA (Pick Up Artist) community has observed a sharp rise in popularity over the last several years. If you have never come across the industry before present, then you’re probably not familiar with these lads really do.

A PUA is an individual that centres a lot of his time and effort on approaching, seducing and picking up chicks of all ages and types, to ensure he can have solid game.

When he’s familiar with how attraction works along with what females are attracted to in a guy, his work is ultimately done. He is able to then confidently go out to a pub, club or even a cafe during the day and pickup a woman he likes the look of.

This is exactly what a PUA bootcamp will provide you. The opportunity to tread beyond your comfort zone, study the techniques to attract women and subsequently get laid from time to time, without turning to luck or beer.

Why a PUA bootcamp could be the best thing for you

If you’ve at any time before been out with a few guys or with some work friends, observed a girl by the bar and said to yourself…” Man, I really wish I had the balls to talk to her”.

Or you ‘ve been strolling down the street on your way to the office and a stunning woman has walked right near you, but you’ve grasped that you have no game, therefore there’s no real point in trying to talk to her as you don’t know what to say.

A seminar is able to help you overcome this…

Whenever you go to a PUA bootcamp, you are asked to chat up a quantity of women over the period of a few days or evening. Tutors are employed to help coach you through the course and tell you where you failed, like dedicated wingman almost.

If you’re merely a normal man who wants to have sex more, or even find a girlfriend, a bootcamp may just be the best thing you can ever do for your game.

Precisely how much does a PUA workshop cost?

Now there are tons of PUA events out on the marketplace right now, one of the most preferred is from a company called PUA Training, who are just one of the leading seduction and pickup companies out there.

You’d be looking at between $495 to $1,999 based on the course length, strategies taught and trainer training on the event. That price range can come as a shock to you, but just consider the skills you’re going to get from it.

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Phone Game and Text Game – How to Get the Number & Date

Most of the advice out there is about getting the number, in fact even more than that, most is about the very first thing you say.  However, how would you like to have a great conversation, get the number but never see the girl again for the date?  A number is worthless afterall if it doesn’t convert.  A 100 numbers of girls who don’t answer isn’t going to help you find a girlfriend.

A big thing in game is getting the number. However, a lot of guys tell me that they’re not sure what to do next once they’ve got it! So I’ll break it down for you and explain the right ways to game once you’ve got that number.

Text Game

I’m going to lay out the ground rules. Of course, I used to break them all and caused a high number of flakes but now I present an alpha, high status position both in person and by text.

  • Only one question mark per message
  • Your message, unless canned, should be shorter than hers.
  • Adopt a ‘Fire-and-forget’ strategy. Send your message and then do other things. If she messages back, take your time, and take at least as long as she does.
  • When you write a message, leave it for 10, the come back and make sure you’ve not said anything embarrassing.
  • If she asks you a question that requires a dull answer, e.g. ‘how are you?’ you don’t need to answer it. If she asks multiple questions, don’t answer them all.
  • Don’t use ‘x’s or smileys, even if she does.
  • Never send two in a row in 48 hours. If she doesn’t reply, wait 5 day before trying again.
  • Don’t try and arrange a date on the first text. This is usually instant death.

Phone Game

Okay you want to convert your N-close into a date. It’s harder to get her interested over the phone so that’s why it’s crucial you’ve done the work when you met and got her interested.


First thing to do is to sense receptivity. Basically, how enthusiastic and excited is she to speak to you. If she’s keen then it’s on; after a couple of minutes chat you can probably set up a date. If she’s cold, try to warm her up by being interesting as possible. Tell a story, chat about cool stuff you’ve got going on and then end the call before she can. Don’t arrange a date then. Give it a few days and try again. Rinse and repeat until she is very receptive. She’ll actually think ‘who the hell is this cool guy who keeps calling me but hasn’t asked me out?’ and will want to be asked out.


If you get a voicemail, hang up and send a text.

Keep her guessing. You might plan to call her again in three days, but don’t be AFC and say ‘Okay, I’ll call you in 3 days’ just say ‘okay, chat to you soon’. The best time to call isn’t after you’ve been sitting in your bedroom for 3 hours planning every possible thing you could say, but when you’re on a high. Good times could be after a good day at work, on your way to a date, or after some good results gaming. Also it’s better to be on the way to somewhere and show you’ve got stuff going on. If you sense she’s about to wind up the call, tell her you’ve got to go before she can say it.

Phone game structure

  • Once she’s receptive, this is sort of pattern you want to follow:
  • Re-establish initial connection by referring to something unique you remember about your previous interactions. For example, if she was going to theatre, saying ‘so, how was Shakespeare?’ builds comfort by showing you’ve taken an interest in her.
  • Get her into a positive state. Have more energy than she does and get her comfortable and relaxed.
  • Figure out what she’s doing next week.
  • Suggest something you can do together, the more specific the better. For example ‘hey, you said you like art too, did you hear about the new …?’
  • Arrange the logistics and then chat to her for a bit afterwards. Then it doesn’t look just like you rang just to plan the date, which of course, you did.

Follow what I’ve set out here and you’ll suddenly find you’re getting much better responses than you ever did before.

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How to Attract a Girlfriend

What is it that attracts men to women? What is that attracts men to women? The problem so many people face in their love lives is in thinking that the other person thinks just like they do. This is really not the case. Men and women think differently. Let’s face facts.

How Important are Looks to Women?

Men tend to think that they need to be good looking in order to get with good looking girlfriends. They think this because looks are a major consideration for men. So lots of guys have the limiting belief that because they are not especially attractive, they can’t find hot partners. Women might want someone that’s not objectionable to look at, but if she likes you she’ll find your physical imperfections cute. Usually, if a women finds a man ‘handsome’ it’s because she’s drawn to his other qualities such as:

  • His alpha maleness
  • His unreactiveness
  • His leadership
  • His confidence
  • His calmness

Interestingly, I find that lots of students come back to me and tell me that their female friends wonder if they’ve changed their fashion, starting working out, whitened their teeth etc. when actually all they’ve done is started projecting inner confidence and changed nothing external. Changing your body language, for one, can you make you look like a completely different man.

Attraction Process

Say a female 10 walks into a room of men. How many men would sleep with her there and then? I’d say 90%, if not higher. If we reverse the situation and a male 10 walks into a room of women, how many women would automatically sleep with him? I’d say 20%.

Men are prepared to do so much for a women before they even know her. They’d happily buy her a drink, dinner, marry her before finding out anything personal about her. This is why women say men are only after one thing, because they’ve seen that whatever they do they can’t ‘lose’ the man in the interaction because he’s already made up his mind that she’s good enough.

Women have a different process. They get attracted over time and they rarely know what they want until they experience it. This is why they don’t like men who look like they are interested in just sex. Women don’t fancy you straight away, so they tend to find it creepy if you do. Girls will typically describe their ideal man in terms of looks as the last boyfriend that they were really fond of. T

Problems with relationships

If you take stock of the people around you that you know, I’d be surprised if you can think of more than a few people who are happy. Everyone knows one couple in their social circle who have a truly solid relationship but they are the exception rather than the rule.

The reason the whole field of pick-up exists for men is because they are required to do much more to make relationships happen. They have to approach the girl, invite her on a date, ask for the number, go for the kiss and, eventually, propose. What does the woman have to do? She needs to look hot in a bar and just decide of the streams of guys that approach her are okay. She just has to agree to the date, agree to the kiss, agree to the marriage. If she’s pretty she doesn’t even need to be funny or interesting.

The woman’s problem is that she doesn’t control the guys that come into her life: she is restricted by those who approach her. If she’s super hot, the only guys who will approach her are typically the bad guys who have the balls to approach her because they just don’t care. As a result, they don’t make great boyfriends.

Social circle

All this explains why the social circle is the typical place most people get together: guys don’t have to do the whole awkward approaching business, and women get to find out about their men in advance.

If someone is in your social circle you then:

  • You know they are not an axe murdered
  • Comfort is built in
  • You don’t need to be so fast with the seduction – it’s worked in over a long period of time
  • Your mutual friends will usually help you get together and negotiate the tricky terrain.

This is why so many people get together at weddings: not only is romance in the air, but everyone there knows everyone else is the ‘right’ sort of person: you don’t have to worry about vetting them like you would if a stranger came up to you in a bar and you can open each other with the dull ‘how do you know Bob?’

Having real choice

If you only meet people through you social circle you’ve got to be very lucky to find a good match. In the end most people end up ‘settling’ (what a horrible thought!) for someone because they know them and there’s no one better.

This is why approaching strangers (a.k.a. people outside your circle) is so important. Only by meeting a huge number of people, practising on them and finding out about them can you give yourself a good choice and lots of options. The skill you want is to progress an interaction with a complete stranger to making them an intimate friend or partner.

So, time to get going!

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How to make a woman comfortable with you

Following on from the previous article on building a connection we will now look at generating basic comfort, social and emotional intelligence as well as adding value.

The single biggest criticism that women have of men is that they just don’t listen. However, a lot of men would disagree with this – and it’s not simply a case of right vs. wrong – it’s basically that the majority of men can sometimes lack the ability to generate and convey Basic Comfort. This should be done whilst opening, and throughout the interaction, effectively ensuring that the interaction progresses swiftly towards your intent.

The aim of Basic Comfort is to build a good base upon which your intent can be founded, as you progress onto deep comfort. There are many ways of generating this level of comfort, but it is not necessary to use them all; a combination of two or three is usually enough. Exactly which are used depends upon calibrating according to suit the target and the situation.

Social Intelligence

As the name implies this is simply applying one’s intelligence in social situations. It is a skill that is best developed with experience. As your game progresses thinking in a socially intelligent way becomes second nature, and part of who you are and how you carry yourself. It starts at a very basic level. For instance, if two women are having a deep conversation it would be better to open softly with, ‘I’m sorry to disturb you but…’ as opposed to the high energy, ‘Hey Guys!’ There are countless examples I could provide of social intelligence being used, but fundamentally it all boils down to three main things:

  1. Being aware of what is going on with your target as you are about to open, and/or during the interaction
  2. Being aware of what is going on around you in your surroundings
  3. Being able to deal with new situations that unfold during your interactions

These three things are the foundation of social intelligence, and if you can truly master these then it will take your game onto the next level.

Mission to achieve Social Intelligence

  1. Approach and open women directly in situations you are not comfortable with, such as queues, mixed-sets, shops, cafés, etc. This will take you outside of your comfort zone, and force you to think on your feet. Sometimes you will be blown out, but if you keep practising over time you will naturally learn the best way to act and deal with these situations. I soon learned that if you are trying to close a girl who is working it is not a good idea to whip out your phone and ask for her number, as this may land her in trouble. Instead, by being aware of this and asking her to write it down shows social intelligence, as well as leading the interaction towards the outcome I want: her number.

Quick tip: Even if you get your desired outcome from an interaction you should always analyse it to work out what you could have done, how you might have done things differently, and whether you could have done it in a more socially intelligent way to make the interaction smoother. Not only will this help with future interactions with women, but it will also get you thinking on your feet and being more socially intelligent in all interactions, be it with women, at work or in life in general.

Emotional Intelligence

This ability comes in two parts: the ability to manage your own emotions; the ability to manage other people’s emotions. In this section I will only deal with the former, as dealing with other people’s emotions will be covered later on in the section on ‘Empathy’.

Firstly, in order to manage your own emotions you have to understand them. The best way to do this is to be end-result focussed. This means that when you approach a woman you have to consider why you do it? What is your end-result? Once you understand your end-result, you can understand your emotions and thus control them. For example, until recently I didn’t use social networking sites, such as Facebook, and in closing a girl who was willing to give me her Facebook details I would react by pressing for a contact number. By doing so I would sometimes put the girl off, even when she had every intention of keeping in touch over Facebook, which would lead to closes flaking. This was due to me not being fully in control of my emotions and not being aware of the end-result I needed – I was more focussed on having a contact number than simply a means to keep in contact.

Mission to achieve Emotional Intelligence

  1. Always stay focussed on the end-result and the process required in order to achieve it. Similarly to social intelligence this requires practice and experience. If you complete the mission to achieve social intelligence this will help you to achieve emotional intelligence naturally, as you will be more comfortable with who you are, and have a stronger frame to deal with any situation you encounter.

Quick tip: A little while ago I began to like one of my female friends. One night whilst sitting in a club with her I decided to tell her, because it felt right at the time. To my surprise she didn’t like me back, although I was very much in check with my emotional intelligence, and realised that it wasn’t in my interests to question her about why she didn’t. I realised that my end-result of wanting to be with her would not be achieved that night, or through a logical argument, so I simply accepted it for the time being, and carried on having fun with her, my friends and interesting new people in the club. Sometimes it is important to realise that your end-result may not be achieved immediately, but you shouldn’t dwell on any set-backs along the way. A man in check of his emotions who persistently keeps going becomes very attractive.


This is the art of understanding and identifying with the emotions of another person. However, what makes the difference when winning a woman over is the ability to express the fact that you understand.

The best way in which to do this is to break through the ultimate criticism that women have of men – that they, ‘just don’t listen’. By breaking through this pre-conception you demonstrate not only that you listen, but also that you understand; a rare, and hence very attractive, quality amongst men. There are many methods by which to demonstrate empathy, but here I will run through what I consider the two most effective:


This may seem obvious, but many people are unaware of how often they break eye contact as they are too self-absorbed by wondering what routine to run next, or what observational comment to make. As a result a woman feels that you are not listening, and this is only confirmed when the next comment you make is only at best loosely connected to what she has said. Instead it is much better just to listen, instead of thinking what to say next, taking in what she has said and responding through your…


Whilst it is good to respond to what a woman says to you with words, it is better to respond with facial expressions. The reason is that if a woman is talking and you respond by asking her to tell you more, you are still requiring her to pause from talking. However, if she is talking and you respond with facial expressions accordingly she won’t have to stop talking, or her train of thought, and she will feel more strongly that you are a good listener, that you understand, and that she can talk to you.

Missions to achieve Empathy

  1. Aim to go out and have interactions with women where you focus primarily on having conversations holding eye contact, and responding accordingly through facial expressions. For instance, if she is excited about a concert smile. If she is sad because her dog has died stop smiling and look sad!

Quick tip: If you are struggling to provide the appropriate facial expressions simply mirror the facial expressions of the person you are talking to.

Add Value

When talking to people they will warm to you much more quickly if you can add value in some way. If someone opened an interaction by handing you a large note from their wallet, naturally you’d want to speak with them further. This isn’t a realistic method of adding value as not everyone has enough cash to do this, plus you wouldn’t want a woman who required money in order to speak to you. However, there are many realistic methods off adding value:

  • Empathy
  • Compliments
  • Humour
  • Networking (merging different groups of people and offering different networking opportunities)
  • Providing validation (communicating that other people’s opinions and feelings are acknowledged, heard and treated with respect, whether or not you agree)

Missions to achieve Adding Value:

  1. Go out and try each of the above forms of adding value. Note that it is not essential to be an expert with them all, just try them out and see which ones you feel comfortable with.
  2. The above is not a definitive list, just my 5 favourites. See if you can come up with some other ways of adding value.

Quick tip: If you invite out a large group of women it is impossible to have given them all the same level of value, so naturally they will all start competing with each other for you, thus making you more attractive.

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Building a Connection with a Woman

To have sex with a girl, you don’t necessarily need to have a deep connection with her, you can keep things on the surface.  However, if you want to find a girlfriend and have a long-term relationship, connecting with her will be absolutely essential.

Introduction to the Iceberg

The surface: ‘small percentage that is visible to everyone’.

The way to go beyond what is visible on the surface is to build connections. In order to dig deeper than the surface level there are two things required to make a connection – Comfort and Intent.

It may seem straightforward, but it is tricky to gain a high level understanding of both sides of it. If there is an uneven balance between the two you can end up in the following situations :

Too Much Comfort

This is often the scenario associated with the ‘nice guy finishing last’ in the friends zone. According to a recent study by a Dr. Robert Glover this happens due to a lack of sexual intent, and isn’t because women prefer arseholes to nice guys – they prefer polite and attentive over rude and aggressive – but because of the way nice guys present their positive characteristics. In order to appear friendly and romantic these nice guys feel they have to turn off their sexuality. By hiding your intent you end up in the friend’s zone, which is fine if that’s where you want to be, but in a lot of cases guys weren’t hoping for that and end up wondering how they got there.

Too Much Intent

This is a situation which is not stereotyped, unlike the ‘nice guy’, and results when there is too much intent and not enough comfort, leading to an imbalance between the two. This imbalance can mean that although you can get a kiss close in a club or take a girl home, they will likely not be the kind of high quality girl you can have a decent conversation with, and not the kind you’d be looking to start a relationship with. A different predicament to the ‘nice guy’, but ultimately in the same position of not being able to start the dating and relationship life that one desires.


It is important to note that all women require different levels of comfort and intent, and it is vital to be able to learn the art of adapting and balancing this out. But before we get technical what does comfort really mean? How do you get it? Where does it start?

Here I’ve broken it down into three different levels and how to achieve each:

Assumed or Perceived comfort

This is comfort prior to approaching that you are assumed or perceived to have; comfort that everyone can see.

Basic Comfort

This is the comfort that most guys can offer to some degree.

Deep Comfort

Connections: This is what will make her remember you over the others.

In order to build a connection you need to be able to pass smoothly from Perceived comfort, to Basic Comfort all the way to Deep Comfort.

Assumed and Perceived Comfort.

This is comfort prior to approaching that you are assumed or perceived to have. It isn’t always there, but sometimes it is and you can skip other levels of comfort and go straight for intent, but we’ll deal with that later on. For now let’s see how we can use this level of comfort to our advantage.

In order to explain the different levels of comfort prior to approaching I will give you a couple of extreme examples. A woman is likely to feel less comfortable seeing a shadowy figure in an alley way late at night than she would if she walked into McDonalds and saw a clown holding some balloons. Little does she know that the figure in the alley way could turn out to be a police officer, and the clown a prisoner on parole. Now if the woman had known these two pieces of information before seeing either person she would have felt more comfort with the police officer. This is just an example to show how various levels of comfort exist prior to approaching, and that these levels can be manipulated in your favour for game purposes. Now I’ll run through some examples of exact methods on how to generate this influence in your favour.

Social Proof

This is quite a familiar concept to many people and there are many studies that back this concept up. The way in which you transfer social proof into generating maximum perceived comfort is to simply lead situations which create the effect that you have high value, whether in the club or bar, café, coffee shop or even at a bus stop!

Missions to achieve Social Proof.

  1. Go to a bar and order a drink, or tap water, and start talking to the barmen or barmaids, making sure you get a name and a handshake. Now as you walk around the venue the staff will know you, and even serve you ahead of other people, anyone who sees this will naturally regard you as having high value.
  2. Arrange a lunch or dinner with a friend. Prior to attending go to the venue and personally book out the table, getting to know the staff and hopefully even the manager or owner if possible. This is good practice for when you go on a date as when you go into a venue where you know everyone your value automatically increases.

Quick Tip: When social proofing you should not be in the mindset of only approaching and picking up women, you should approach and talk to everyone. Start a conversation with someone nearby to a girl you’re interested in, the move on to talking to her after you’ve first generated social proof. Social proof can be small, but achieved in many places, so think about the situation and how to apply it.


Pre-selection at its simplest for game purposes is the idea that if one woman likes you then others will naturally follow suit and like you too. When you hang around with women you are more likely to be noticed, as other women will naturally be curious as to why other women like you. My experience has led me to believe that other women either think, ‘why are all the hot girls hanging around with you?’ or, ‘why is he hanging around with those girls when we’re better’? Either way you will get noticed and this builds a large amount of perceived comfort.

Missions to achieve Pre-Selection

  1. Discuss the concept of pre-selection with one of your close female friends and see if you can convince her to test it out – effectively turning her into a wing-girl.
  2. Start closing all women, even if they have boyfriends, and start inviting them out as friends.

Quick tip: To maximise the power of pre-selection I often approach women and pre-open by mentioning one of my female friends. For example, ‘Me and my friend Stacey over there were just talking…’ or, ‘I’m sorry I only have a minute I have to get back to my friends over there’, (as I point to my female friends).

Social Commonalities

This is effectively assumed comfort and is the single biggest reason for building up your social circle. Sometimes this level of comfort is achieved by simply being introduced to someone else through your social circle. When a friend introduces another friend you naturally have an inherent level of comfort as she knows who you are, which makes for the perfect pickup situation. If you can build up your social circle then you will find yourself in this enviable situation regularly (building up a social circle will be dealt with later on in the section on Intent).

The assumed comfort derived from social commonalities is not always the result of an introduction through a mutual friend; it can also be through something simple that you both have in common. For example, if two people attend an arts and crafts class twice a week they have a shared level of assumed comfort. The same applies for two people who live in the same apartment building.

Missions to achieve social commonalities

  1. Agree to attend functions that you would not otherwise go to, such as those Facebook invites you’d normally fob off. Getting out there really is the best way to enlarge your social circle and maximise the number of new people you meet, thus potentially leading to more situations where you have assumed comfort with women.
  2. Join a class or start an activity that interests you, such as salsa, street dance, martial arts, etc. This will immediately open up new avenues for you to meet new people, in a situation where you will have that level of assumed comfort.

Quick tip: Don’t try and force social commonalities. If they’re there use them to your advantage; if they aren’t it’s no big deal, just aim to achieve perceived comfort as opposed to assumed comfort. This has the same effect anyway.

In the next article I will move on to discussing Basic Comfort with women covering social and emotional intelligence as well as adding value.

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Getting a GF – How to impress a woman

Okay guys, so we’ve all seen it and been there: on a date with a girl the man is desperately trying to impress the girl. He’ll be thinking of things to say to impress them, trying to be cool, back-pedalling if he says something that the women doesn’t like, avoiding being risky or teasing her.

In short, he’ll be on his best behavour.

Impressing a Woman

  1. You won’t like me for who I am, so I will try to ‘impress’ you instead
  2. I’m not comfortable enough to just act normal
  3. I don’t have experience with high-value women
  4. I’m insecure
  5. I don’t know how to make you feel comfortable

High-value women are used to men trying to impress them. If you’re trying to impress someone, it means to them that they are of higher-value, which is WHY you need to impress them. What will actually surprise a super-hot girl who is used to having everything handed to her on a plate is NOT handing it to her.

Say a woman asks you what you do. If you try to brag then you’ll show you’re trying to impress her. However if you say something like ‘Me? Oh, I sell cocaine’ and she says ‘No no, what do you REALLY do?’ and you say ‘Some drive-bys, some street hustling, some trafficking, obviously’ then you’re showing her than not only are you funny, you don’t need to impress her and have the balls to give a bullshit answer to a real question. She’ll remember that.

So if you want to get the girl, have her pursue you and truly impress her, what do you do?

Stop trying to impress her. This ‘be yourself’ advice isn’t helpful, but don’t be incongruent and try to win her over with someone you’re not!

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How to Find a girlfriend NOW

Lets talk about the quickest way to find a girlfriend now.  It might happen in a few hours, but that’ll depend on how much you have going for you, how fussy you are, and how lucky you are!  The good news is that with an established plan, you are pretty much guaranteed to start meeting women and getting dates.  It will involve some changes, but if what you were currently doing was working you wouldn’t be reading this.  So first, I want to ask you, are you ready to make some changes??

Find a Girlfriend Now

You are?  That’s great, okay so here’s how you can vastly improve your chances:

  1. Go to a website with courses or do some googling, and sign up to some right now.  Here are some ideas:  yoga, salsa dancing, psychology, cooking, language learning.  There are guaranteed to be women in these classes and they will come back week in and week out.  This will allow you some time to get to know them and potentially start dating them.  Now your mum probably would think of this advice, but it really does work, not only for meeting new people, but also for becoming more interesting.  A guy with hobbies and skills is much more interesting and has much more to talk about than a guy who just sits at home.
  2. Go out to a bar or club at least once a week that has the kind of women you are attracted to.  You can go with a friend to begin, or even find a “wingman” on internet pick up artist forums!  Having no one to go out with will not be an excuse.  In these environments you need to be sociable, approach women.  Whether you are interested in them sexually or not, a female friend can be very powerful in introducing you to more women and helping you find a girlfriend.
  3. Say “Yes” to everything.  Invited out after work? go!  Invited on a weekend trip with friends?  Go!  Anything that gets you doing new things and getting out of the house has the potential to get you some results.
  4. Work on your appearance and first impression.  This is all about fashion and body language.  Buy some fashion magazines and try some new styles, go shopping with someone with style, and be on the lookout for attractive men…but just to see what they are wearing 😉
  5. Study Pick Up techniques.  Now I don’t mean lines and silly things like that, I mean the expert pick up artist techniques that you might find here.
  6. Find some role models.  These can be guys in books and film, but better is someone in your life.  Try and hang out with guys who have the qualities that you are missing.  It could be as simple as a guy with great sense of humour, or a sense of style, or maybe a guy who is very manly and decisive.  Whatever it is, by spending time with him, it’s guaranteed to rub off on you and become part of your character.

Finding a girlfriend is a lot easier than you think, but it does require some effort.  You can leave it to chance and maybe one day find her, but it’s better to take control and make it happen.  You need to improve yourself, and put yourself into situations where you can meet women.  Finally you need to make sure that when you do meet them you know what you are doing.

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